Valentino Rossi

The real motorcycle racing champion

Similar to actors and footballers, a man named Valentino Rossi becomes the top idol in the world. He has the popularity because of his achievement. He is well known as an Italian professional motorcycle racer and the multiple MotoGP world champion. There is the amazing fact about his achievement. He can stand together with other successful racers of all time. He has nine Grand Prix World Championships. Seven of those are the premier class. He started the racing in 1996 but won the first World Championship the following year.

After winning some racing competitions, he comes close to winning the 2015 title. For the 500 cc/MotoGP race, he appears as the first all time wins with 86 victories, and 113 race wins. Even though his father is the racer but to reach all the achievement he should prove that he is the professional and skilled motorcycle. However, he cannot stand behind the name of his father.


Andrea Dovizioso as a professional motorcycle racer

Andrea Dovizioso competes in the MotoGP world championship. He plays for the Ducati team. Well known as the racing super star, he won the 125cc World Championship in 2004. This professional road racer was born in 1986. Reforming winning the competition in 2004, he won some competitions some years previously. For example, when competing in 2000, he won the 125cc Italian Aprilia Challenge. Besides that, he also won the 125cc European Championship a year later. After competing for his first world championship, he continued the team in 2003. In this year, he finished 5th in the final standing and even achieving four podium finishes.

With all his achievements, Dovizioso proves that he is capable to be the best and professional motorcycle racer. Now, he is popular not only in Italy but at most countries worldwide. Perhaps you never want to miss the time for watching each of his appearance in the championship.